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Live Blog - 3rd June 2015

Follow this live blog from tomorrow to be up-dated on the most recent facts and steps of our on-board experiment with Terry Virts.. He will be the first man to receive force-feedback in space!

+++ :: STORED... LIVE BLOG :: +++

+++ :: 22:40 :: +++

Our big THANKS go to all of our supporters that contributed to this nerve racking challenge!

At Airbus, many thanks go to Christoph Massau, Frank Bade and Dieter Arndt ! Your last minute recommendation on port change saved us! You guy's proofed to be professional and flexible - great to have you on board !

Many thanks to our Col-CC flight team led by Cesare Capararo and the Flight Director Roland Luettgens and to our great USOC DAC in Denmark led by Poul Knoudsen and operated by Emiel Koerner! You really used all your charme.. 

Without support of Brett Wilman at JSC and Brian Oakley at Boeing the ISS network up-date would have never materialized ! Thanks guy's! It is fun to work together!!

Here at ESA, my big thanks to Kevin Pasay and John Nolan, Peter Wellings, Andreas Schoen and the Col Engineering and Ground Segment Teams as well as Erik Istasse and Hilde and the Science Team, you all did a great job ! Ruediger and Olivier for your support to do this efficient on-board training - great! All my thanks also to all other contributors that I unfortunately can't all name explicitly here.. 

And of course, Terry - you're the man! I loved that you understood my hand-signs once the video was up ;) - we made it Just in Time !

+++ :: 21:58 :: +++

We're celebrating !!! Sorry for the pause...  ;)


+++ :: 21:53 :: +++

The first in history handshake between space and ground ! With force-feedback !

We had about 30 seconds left and did it JUST IN TIME ! Terry (@astro_terry) many thanks for pushing to allocate time to it! We made it !

+++ :: 21:10 :: +++

JUST IN TIME! It worked !!!! We shook hands, saw live video, augmented reality overlay! Soon more !!!

+++ :: 20:22 :: +++

... Negotiation with the operations to get some more t


+++ :: 19:57 :: +++

We have a signal ! We just connected to our Haptics-1 system for the first time and verified the connection of the link between space and ground ! It works! However, crew still needs to re-install the software on the tablet to perform the full experiment! Stay tuned... we have 1 hour left.. time is getting tight. But we'll manage!

+++ :: 18:53 :: +++

So while we are waiting... here a little sneak-preview on the up-coming protocol. Terry, after checking communications, video and telepresence channels will need to probe these first foam items and a hard contact against the wall carrier to see whether he can discriminate their stiffness from space... by making use of the force-feedback in the telepresence channel.. 


+++ :: 18:45 :: +++

Running slightly late here.. but the Tablet PC SW is up-dated seemingly.. Now Terry had to go train. SW up-date procedure still needs to be completed later.. 

+++ :: 18:16 :: +++

Haptics-1 on-board is on! Terry performs the SW up-date right now.. Tablet on and booted.. !

+++ :: 17:32 CEST

So what does that mean? It means that the communication between space and ground works ! We had mapped our IP onto another on-board hardware briefly to check this part out while our Haptics-1 on-board system still waits for it's software up-date. Next test will be with our own real-time Linux machine !

+++ :: 17:12 CEST

First ping-test to on-board system successful !! Ping shows approx. 800 - 820 ms of delay.. A big thanks already to our Airbus MPCC team Christoph and Dieter!

+++ :: 16:31 CEST

We don't have video coverage currently from the station... but hey, enough cameras here certainly to capture what will be going on!


+++ :: 16:06 CEST

Connecting our on-board network adapter to the famous 'Hirschmann Switch'.. still installing some couplers and adapter cables.. 

+++ :: 15:26 CEST

Terry now finishes the setup of our Haptics-1 on-board hardware. While we wait for this, I'd like to already give a big thanks to our NASA and U.S. supporters! A great thanks to Johnson Space Centre ISS avionics team (run by Brett), Boeing (Brian) and our wonderful co-I on robotics (Kim). Also to security (Kevin) and our supporter at HOSC (Karl). Without you guy's -  this wouldn't happen right now! Hope we can rock the Ku-Fwd this afternoon ! 

+++ :: 12:03 CEST

The first time both systems are in view simultaneously.. Master Joystick (in space) and Slave (at our operations room) now visible! Still waiting for the wiring setup and other on-board activities... On ISS, the Haptics-1 Joystick is installed on the deck-rack seat-track mount.

+++ :: 11:16 CEST

Multiple LOS periods.. Activities will continue 'in the dark' and we'll report once we know the equipment is fully set up. Next official major step will be the on-board training for Terry to up-date him on the scope of Haptics-2 tests.. Now scheduled for (17:25 CEST)

+++ :: 10:48 CEST

First picture! Say hello to Terry and our nice Haptics-1 transport box (in blue!). Terry set-up the seat-track interface and the Joystick.. now floated away to take care of some other tasks first..


+++ 03.06.2015 :: 09:33 CEST

Waiting for Terry to set-up our Haptics-1 equipment on-board. Ground ready, waiting for video-feed from Col-CC. Currently still in LOS ( = Loss of Signal).. Thus no satellite coverage of ISS