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TEDx RocketMinds!

Jul 17, 2014

Recently, we've demonstrated our latest human-robot interface technology at TEDx in Darmstadt, Germany. During the presentation we demonstrated a nerve racking live teleoperation with force-reflection over a 500 km distance using a cellular phone network link. Andre Schiele operates a KUKA lightweight robot situated at our lab in Noordwijk, Netherlands using a fully portable exoskeleton with haptic feedback. During the operation he remotely operated the robot to do a peg-in-hole disassembly/assembly task with a sub-millimeter fitting tolerance and hard metal on metal contacts (titanium / brass).

It worked - despite the heavy round-trip communication delay and signal drop-outs ranging up to multiple seconds! In the TEDx video-stream you can check the spinning red light in Noordwijk as seen from Darmstadt, showing how bad the link actually was during the demo (the real lamp was spinning continuously at constant speed in Noordwijk)... This was highly unexpected and proves this demo wasn't staged...

Check out the video here!


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