ESA Telerobotics - METERON


METERON = Multi-Purpose End-To-End Robotic Operation Network –

METERON is a suite of experiments to validate advanced technologies for telerobotics from space, using the ISS

METERON is an ESA led technology demonstration involving the International Space Station. The project is targeted at validating autonomous and real-time telerobotic operations from space to ground. It is targeted to provide answers to important questions regarding required technologies for future space exploration scenarios. To test various scenarios and to validate the related technologies, robots on Earth will be controlled from the interior of the International Space Station (ISS) with haptic feedback and high situational awareness. Control devices used in space, will be force reflecting joysticks and arm exoskeletons. 


  • Technology Validation (advanced mechatronics & wearable haptic devices)
  • Telepresence in space (-µG) environment (> 20 ms to supervised autonomy)
  • Human-Robot Interaction in highly constrained environments
  • Inter-operability of groups of robots and control devices

METERON is being carried out in partnership with DLR (Institute of Robotics & Mechatronics), NASA (Johnson Space Centre, AMES Research Centre, Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Roscosmos with Russian partners (RTC Institute St. Petersburg, Energia).

Our Laboratory is responsible for the definition, implementation and conducting of the telerobotics experiments and in particular for the development of the haptic devices, the controllers and the full on-board control station for ISS.