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We're almost there ! Monday 7th of September it is. Andreas Mogensen is ready to rumble!

Read the online Brochure (<- on the right) to get a nice overview of the scope, mission and team. We're looking forward to having you follow our live-blog, webcast or twitter.. 

"Interact" is a new space technology demonstration experiment that will be conducted from on-board the International Space Station in 2015. In Interact, astronauts will control an advanced robotic system on Earth, for the first time, with force reflection and in real-time. Astronauts will execute a sequence of remotely operated tasks with the Interact Robot on Earth, located in a real-life outdoor environment.

The Interact Robot (Interact Centaur) consists of a a 4 drive 4 steer mobile platform, two seven degrees of freedom robot arms with grippers and of a camera and head system allowing to perceive the environment optical information. On-board, the crew will re-use the equipment provided by Haptics-1 experiment, i.e. a tablet PC and a small force reflective Joystick.

For the very first time, a real-time data-link will exist between a payload on ISS and a robotic system on Earth, simulating e.g. Mars orbiter to surface robotic remote operations as closely as possible.

The Interact experiment is headed by ESA's Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory and is implemented in collaboration with TU Delft Robotics Institute (Interactive Robotics Theme) as well as with the support of the Delft DREAM hall.