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Live Blog - 14th August 2015

+++ Post Experiment up-date 14/08/2015, 15:30 - by Andre +++

Dear followers, what an exciting experiment again today !

Finally, we clearly showed that the conduct of today is the way to go. We acquired good science results, had a very high interaction with crew (Kimiya) that resulted in a very efficient science protocol conduct, collected a full amount of 9 science runs and performed a detailed Ku-forward link characterization. I'll feed a number of lessons learned to our process to keep further improving the way how we conduct such new 'crew guided' science on-board ISS.

I must give a very big thanks to Kimiya Yui who conducted Haptics-2 excellently! I am very glad, Kimiya, that you choose to perfrom our experiment. Many thanks for that !

Here a brief wrap-up of what we actually completed today:

  • One full run of Protocol 1b (and one partial one), checking out the Ku-Fwd communication link on all ports and quantifying their delay and jitter. Three channels are used, for telepresence, housekeeping data and for video.
  • Seven science data ackquisitions for different controller settings to quantify the telepresence control. This was done by teleoperated stiffness discrimination tasks performed by Kimiya. We can state that these runs completed a full conduct of Haptics-2 Protocol 2b. Due to some mishaps in the first 3 runs related with Ku-Fwd link connectivity we might, however, not be able to use the first three measurements.
  • A time analysis and time-sync between space and ground NTP servers. Acquired on-board GPS time and synced with ground GPS-time (with UTC leap seconds) for a detailed characterization of on-ground and on-board NTP servers. This will be important for Interact, in order to sync all telemetry (space and ground) to the same time base.
  • A first Space-to-Ground crew guided procedure while performing a telepresence control experiment 
  • A pre-verification of our four-channel bilateral control architecture that is robust to 850 milliseconds of round-trip time delay [Rebelo and Schiele, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 8(1), pp. 79-89, 2015].
  • A verification of our model-mediated bilateral control architecture that is robust to any time-delay. The data post-processing will reveal whether the operator in space was able to identify the right order of stiffness of objects presented to him in random order [Smisek, Paassen and Schiele, IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 2015 (accepted)].

All in all, our Haptics-2 run was a great success! First real telepresence from space to ground repeated, and for the first time a human in space was able to discriminate different objects on Earth by touching them and associating their stiffness with their identity.

Many thanks from all of us to our supporters who helped to make today a smooth success!! -> Kimiya-san, Flight Director, Mission Director, Ground Ops, Flight Control Team, GSOC GC, STRATOS, Eurocom, Safety, ISS Security and SCB, MPCC team at Airbus, User Centre (DAC), Local ESF support crew (Kevin and John), ESA corporate PR, Crew office, EAC training centre, ESA HSO Directorate, HSO-I and HSO-IC, NASA JSC (Brett and Co.), Boeing (Brian and Suzanne), HSO-ICM, ESA Col. Engineering team (Richard), PIM's


You can watch the recorded live stream here.. Next time, we'll have a commentor ! Sorry for not having though about it. Still learning....

+++ :: LIVE BLOG :: 14.08.2015 +++

+++ 12:52 +++

Kimiya has now performed the stiffness probing protocols twice for a more substantial data set! We are done for today!

+++ 12:36 +++

Some more comparing stiffnesses with Kimya.

+++ 12:22 +++

We're back for another 35 minutes!

+++ 12:14 +++

We'll be back for more experiments in 10 minutes!

+++ 11:45 +++

We done for now! Kimiya will now go for 40 minutes of excercise. When he's back we have another 20 minutes of his time.

+++ 11:38 +++

First run complete! We have one dataset of our stiffness perception experiment. We're waiting to see if we can run through the expiment another couple of times.

+++ 11:31 +++

We are currently in a short loss of signal. About to get ready with some more experimentation.

+++ 11:26 +++

Shaking hands! 

+++ 11:20 +++

Kimiya is in control!

+++ 11:18 +++

Staring the next protocol. Where Kimiya will probe several object to see if he can feel the difference between their stifnesses.

+++ 11:14 +++

First protocol running to test the delay in the connection.

+++ 11:10 +++

Software update complete and we're staring with protocol 1b, the communications test.

+++ 11:00 +++

We are set up and are receiving signal. Things are going well. 

+++ 10:52 +++

Video is back and we are working with Kimiya to finish setting up the Haptics-1 joystick. The idea behind our Haptics-2 experiment is to test the feasibility of remote control with haptic feedback over connections such as the one between the ISS and earth. We running in both directions with our joystick. So when our experiment starts, Andre and Kimiya will do a handshake through the joysticks.

+++ 10:37 +++

6 minutes untill we're go! We just said "hello" to Kimiya through our uplink. No image yet due to LOS.

+++ 10:23 +++

First LOS. A cable was missing to get power to the joystick. Kimiya is now retreiving a spare from a dedicated zip-loc bag!

+++ 10:11 +++

The live stream is up. We hope everyone can tune in. The video will also be made available once the event is over! Kimiya Yui is setting up the haptic joystick currently!

+++ 09:51 +++

We'll start the live stream once we receive the space-to-ground video. Waiting for assignment..

+++ 09:42 +++

Haptics-2 will use the Ku-Fwd communication system which relays the signals between ISS and Ground through satellites in Geostationary orbit. Depending on the position of ISS there are communication black-out periods called LOS (Loss of Signal). Today, we'll have LOS during most of the Haptics-2 equipment setup unfortunately. This means, crew is on it's own. At 10:43 LOS will be over and we'll most likely start right into the protocols

+++ 09:37 +++

Now morning DPC with crew.. in the meantime, readying our systems.

Thomas Krueger on Haptics-2 Space-To-Ground Communications: 'check'

Manuel Aiple on Haptics-2 On-board Software: 'check'

myself (Andre) on console, awaiting Space-to-Ground call of Kimiya-san

We'll start the live video stream on our youtube channel in about 10 minutes.


+++ 08:53 +++

Good morning ! We're getting ready to run Haptics-2. Coordinating the process how to communicate with crew once the experiment is up.


+++ 13.08.2015 :: 14:00 CEST

Preparations for tomorrow are going well!